Expanding training

Flights to foreign countries

We offer pilots the option of joint flight beyond the boundaries of the Czech Republic. Nowadays, when we opened the European sky would be a shame to admire from the air, only the beauty of our country. Years is usually different for the pilot, an interesting experience. Because it is but many pilots who still hesitate for fear if years in foreign airspace or communicate in English can do, we offer flights abroad with an instructor. The instructor pilot's help with the planning of the flight be shown where to get all the necessary information and during the flight, the flight will be to intervene to the extent that the pilot-customer need. This may mean that the instructor will only control the activities of the pilot or advise you if necessary or does the years, communication, or both, and the execution of the flight, the pilot will participate only in certain stages.


GPS practically

Nowadays, there are already GPS navigation tool for normal flying. This great tool released during flight of a substantial part of the performance capacity of the pilot and allows him to focus on monitoring the area, performance parameters of the helicopter, avoidance of prohibited or restricted spaces, and more. Unfortunately, few pilots can make the most of these instruments. In our course "GPS" is, inter alia, pilot familiar with the fundamental principles of the functioning of satellite navigation, the limitations and possible errors, practical settings for GPS in airplane mode (to obtain the most complete flight information, storage and retrieval of interest, planning of lines, vertical navigation, acquisition of aeronautical information from the database, searching, debugging, and communication and navigation switching frequencies and more. The course is focused on the Garmin GPS 296.496 and 430 series.


-Emergency procedures (WIP)
-Advanced autorotation (WIP)
-Night rating (WIP)