Plane Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Two four-piston engine the aircraft showed a new direction in civil aviation through the use of diesel engines. Its main advantage is the use of JET-A1 fuel, i.e. so-called. Aviation kerosene, which has so far been applied only after turbine and jet aircraft. This type of fuel is the most affordable around the world and this allows the aircraft to fly and Twin Star on an otherwise hard-to-reach areas, e.g.. in Eastern Europe. Another advantage of this airplane is absolutely an exceptional range of over 1200km, which thanks to energy-efficient engines, electronic control system of FADEC (full authoity digital engine control).


Twin star aircraft offers comfortable travel up to 3 passengers with oversize luggage compartments in the cabin, in the bow and the motor nacelles. With the engines located outside the hull's noise level at a very acceptable level and significantly lower than for operations of the types.



Thanks to a pair of engines, this aircraft offers a high level of safety in flight made water surfaces not accessible terrain./ The aircraft is also equipped with a de-icing system into known icing using chemical glycol-based fluids. All this along with the Garmin 1000 digital avionics and pilot make this aircraft a really powerful machine for travel, even in poor weather.


Technical data:

  • a cruising speed of up to 250 km/h km/h
  • operating altitude 8000-25000 feet
  • range 1200km
  • The capacity of 1pilot and 3 passengers




letadla/twin-star - P1220661.JPG