Plane Diamond DA62

The two-seater DA 62 introduces a new top in the design of piston aircraft. Its long list of positive attributes includes excellent efficiency, high quality design, technological sophistication and aesthetic look from every angle. Its main advantage is, among other things, the use of JET-A1 fuel, so-called Aviation Ketrol, which has so far been applied only to turbine and jet aircraft. This type of fuel is the most affordable all over the world, allowing the DA 62 to fly on otherwise difficult-to-reach places, such as in Eastern Europe. Another advantage of this airplane is an extraordinary range up to 2380 km.



The DA 62 offers comfortable travel for up to 6 passengers, respectively. 5 and one child, with spacious luggage compartments in the cabin, in the bow and motor gondolas. With engines located outside the fuselage, the noise level is at a very acceptable level and significantly lower than for single-engine types.




The airplane is capable of flying both day and night under IFR (instrument flight rules). It has a glycol-based defrosting system, so it can handle even longer flights under the conditions of known icing.


Technical data:

  • a cruising speed of up to 325 km/h km/h
  • operating altitude of up to 18000 feet
  • range 2380km
  • The capacity of 1pilot and 6 passengers




letadla/twin-star - P1220661.JPG