R-44 Raven I/II

Robinson R44 is the top selling four-figure by helicopter in the world. Excels in reliability, low operating costs, ease of use and long range. Used is, for example, for sightseeing flights, current tv news, police patrol and investigation, the transport of persons, and, of course, pilot training, scenic flights and private flying.


Helicopter R44 comfortably holds four adults and a view of passengers is not disturbed, open design of the cabin.

Low speed rear rotor, strong exhaust muffler and massively reduce excess noise tail curved and the result is a helicopter that does not pollute the surroundings free of excess noise.


Raven I

Equipped with a carburetor engine (lycoming O-540).

It offers a balance between performance and availability.

It is equipped with preheating the carburetor, which increases security and reduces the pilot's effort, depending on the change of control.


Raven II

It has a piston induction motor (lycoming IO-540), fuel-injected and hydraulically adjustable valves, which eliminates the need for preheating for the carburetor system.

Aerodynamic blade end reduces the noise almost one decibel.


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