Part of NISA AIR Ltd., as an authorized dealer of helicopters is operating its own service center. The Center is certified by both the manufacturer and the civil aviation authority in Prague Ruzyne Airport. Technicians are graduates of training directly at the factory Robinson HC in Los Angeles. Service Centre fulfils the conditions of EASA (Office for the safety of air traffic for the EU)

NISA AIR  s. r.o. has become the holder of the certificate (the so-called. Part 145 – certificates here) about maintenance organization approval referred to in section A of annex II (part-145) to Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003. Based on the above, we are entitled to carry out the maintenance of products, parts and appliances. We can issue a certificate of release to service using the numbers of the permission (145.0073).

On the basis of this privilege Service Centre carries out maintenance and repair of the helicopters Robinson R22 and R44 for all models in the range 100hodinových tours on the airframe and 25, 50, 100 and 300 hourly tours on Lycoming engines used on the types of helicopters. Everything according to the authentic original documentation the manufacturer. It also ensures the maintenance and repair of the on-board electronics and aircraft instruments, non-selected ingredients, the sale of original spare parts from the manufacturer, or by its subcontractors. The Centre has its own devices after the balancing of rotating parts and test the stool for the spark plug.

The Centre has been performed more than 200 roadworthiness tests and hundreds of hourly hours of 25 and 50 hours. If necessary, we also provide service for example. at another airport, or directly from the owner.

New upholstery to your helicopter           

From 1.5.2015 our service center offers a new service for owners of helicopters: the complete new upholstery of the Interior. In older helicopters, this service will greatly affect the sales value of the helicopter and the passengers and crew to considerably increase the comfort on board. You just feel like in a new helicopter. The basic material is cut of the skin called. ALCANTARA in the primary colors black and Ivory. On customer's request we can but offer other materials and color combinations. 


před renovací před renovací

Before renovation


při renovaci při renovaci při renovaci

When renovating


nový interiér nový interiér nový interiér

New interior


Photogallery of service activities

zástavba zásuvky externího zdroje zástavba zásuvky externího zdroje               čištění trysek v ultrazvukové pračce

external power socket installation                                             nozzle cleaning in an ultrasonic washing machine


pískování a test zapalovacích svíček               vážení vrtulníku vážení vrtulníku

sandblasting and test of spark plugs                               helicopter weighing


 měření a seřízení roviny listů

measuring and adjusting the plane of the sheets