Training for the private pilot helicopter


-the minimum age 17 years

-a valid medical certificate 1. or 2. Class

-limited or general license radiotelephones air services


What will precede their own training:

To begin training, you must obtain confirmation of medical fitness at the Institute of aviation medicine, Prague 6-Dejvice. After consultation with you we will provide input to the IAM: Prague tours, for the term that you need your medical documentation.


Progress of a custom training:

First, it is necessary in our school to undergo theoretical teaching of subjects of which knowledge is necessary for flying. Student will become familiar with AFM helicopter R22 or R44, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, helicopter, navigation, meteorology, aeronautical equipment, aviation regulations and other issues related to flying. All JAR-FCL 2 provides for prescription. This is a 60 teaching hours theory prior to and during practical training. Further study is carried out in the form of tests, preparing for the final exam on the ED at the CAA Prague.


The timetable for the entire training.

Training begins in the first week only a theoretical preparation, following two weeks of teaching theory combined with the pilots. The next weeks is flight training by self-study and preparation combined with the theory test.

The exact schedule is always adapted to the weather conditions and abilities and schedules of each pupil.

In total you need to obtain a pilot license have at least 45 hours. However, on average, is moving this number of around 50-55 hours, according to the abilities of the individual pupil.


Issue of license PPL (H) (type, validity)

License PPL (H) authorizes the holder to fly for its use, but not commercially. (For commercial aviation activity must have a commercial pilot License, the pilot of helicopters). A license will be issued to the pilot for a maximum duration of 5 years, and then extended further aviation authority. The issued certificate is written and the type of qualifications for helicopter on which training was carried out. Type rating for helicopters shall be valid for one year from the date of issue and the validity is prolonged.